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Usain Bolt
Digicel’s Chief Speed Officer and Ambassador to the Turks & Caicos Film Festival


Environmental issues impact us all, although calling a small island in the Caribbean home brings to light the urgency required in working together to solve many of these problems. Showcasing the oceans and the environment in the Turks and Caicos International Film Festival 2019 (TCIFF) will resonate strongly as one of the main missions alongside our pioneering educational outreach program. In collaboration with the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR), a program spanning most of 2019 will work with school students on environmental awareness and understanding the challenges that face them as the next generation and future custodians of these islands.

Students will work with local leading experts on the ocean and environment in conjunction with screening several poignant relevant environmental films. Through summer camps and workshops, students will be able to bring their interests and concerns into the world of film. Through screenwriting and filmmaking, they will learn a new set of skills in telling their own stories. Students will have the motivation and excitement of winners beginning announced and awarded during the film festival to drive them to create material that inspires us all to be making the environmental changes our island home and planet needs.